Our menu

Handcrafted Toppings & Signature Sauces


(Choice of signature sauce)


  1. TOT-yo (Furikake seasoned tots, dancing bonito flakes and wasabi aioli)
  2. Bolly-TOT (Cumin seasoned tots and signature curry ketchup)
  3. Ital-TOT (Drizzled with fresh asiago cheese, basil and marinara sauce)


  1. Great Canadian Taters (Cheese curds, red chili flakes, bacon crumble, maple syrup and signature gravy)
  2. Seoul-ful Taters (Marinated Korean bulgogi, kimchi, sesame seeds, cilantro and dynamite sauce)
  3. TOTchos (Pico de gallo, jalapeños, ale cheese sauce, shredded cheese and side of sour cream & salsa)
  4. Not-So Traditional Toutine (Cheese curds, sweet Buffalo NY butter cauliflower bites and signature gravy)
  5. MEDI (terranean) -Taters (Chicken shawarma, garlic sauce and pickled turnips – hot sauce optional)
  6. TOT-al Jerk (Jerked chicken, pineapples, mango coulis and South Western chipotle mayo)
  7. Philly-TOT (Sauteed beef, peppers & onions, ale cheese sauce & steak sauce)
  8. Loaded Baked PO-Taters (Ale cheese sauce, bacon crumbles, chives, sour cream & side garlic dill sauce)
  9. Mac’n Cheese’n Tater (Ale cheese Macs drizzled with bacon crumbs & chives)
  10. Tater Egg Surprise (Steak & avocado cubes, shredded pickled carrots, sunny-side up egg drizzled with creamy chives, sweet Habanero or Dynamite sauce)


All ingredients are listed by each menu item; however, feel free to take out or add anything to your "stomach's content".  Please enquire on how we can meet all of yours and your guest's dietary needs, i.e. vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, halal, etc.  We are a nut-free food truck.  

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